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Prince’s Grant Coastal Golf Estate

Right of admission reserved. Prince’s Grant reserves the right to search person/s and/or vehicle/s entering the Estate. The Prince’s Grant Homeowners’ Association and its agents shall not be held liable for any injury to any person/s, damage to, or loss or property, which may occur while on the Prince’s Grant Estate; however so caused.


Conditions of Entry

  • Valid driver’s license and motor vehicle license disc required for scanning upon entry and exit.
    • Road traffic rules apply.
    • Speed limit is 40 km/h.
    • The unlicensed operation of any vehicle is prohibited.
    • The introduction or removal of, or damage to, any flora or fauna is prohibited.
    • Loud music, noise disturbance and unruly behaviour are strictly prohibited.
    • NO pets are allowed onto the Estate. • No unregistered employees permitted.
    • The feeding of wildlife is strictly prohibited.
    • The discharge of any type of firearm if prohibited.
    • Tailgating and tampering with gate barriers are not allowed.

Failure to adhere to any of the aforesaid conditions could lead to the imposition of financial penalties against transgressors.